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Vacuum Tube(H.F.) Welder

Sai Automation Technologies' welders are most suitable for welding of pipe and tube from 8mm-300mm. For small diameter, use induction welder and for large diameters, contact welders are suitable.

A Sai Automation induction welder at full output achieves 2%-3% energy saving, over a welder with fixed output transformer. Sai Automation welder are designed for continuous operation to perform under most hostile environment.

Each welder consists of a Hartley or colpitts type oscillator circuit, with grounded cathode design to reduce voltage stresses on oscillator components.

Each welder components like power supply cubicle, oscillator cubicle and heat exchanger has been designed and built to rigorous standards to ensure reliability and product life. Every welders are thoroughly tested at dummy load prior to dispatch, ensuring minimum erection and commissioning time.

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