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Distribution panel (PCC-MCC-Braker)

Control Panels

Sai Automation make control panels are compartmentalized and custom built to meet the requirement of the industries, power plants and other engineering industries.

Panels are designed for extension on either side. All the doors front & backside are designed with gasket to make panels dust & vermin proof.


Generally panels are cubicle construction made of CRCA sheet. Other type of constructions are also made as per customer requirement.

Cable alley in all cubicle panels has amples width and spacing so that cables can be terminated easily. Cable entry can be provided from top or bottom.

Undrilled removable cable glande plated, non magnetic gland plates are provided for cables on specific customer demand.


Panels are generally in compartmentalized construction. Each compartment is provided with hinged doors. Sheet metal/Bakelite are provided between compartments, busbar chamber and cable alley.

Busbar & alley

Electrolytic aluminum flats/bars of E-91E and copper bar of 99.9% purity are used for bus bar. Bus bar are designed for fault level upto 50KA r.m.s. for one second. All bus bar are provided with heat shrinkable PVC Sleaves with colour coded. Bus bar supports are non hygroscopic SMC/DMC moulded and specially designed for long distance strong enough to with stand electromechanical force during fault conditions.

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