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Sai Automation make DC Drives are highly sophisticated and provided with adjustments which are factory set and may require only slight re-adjust at the time of commissioning.

The drive is supplied normally in two parts i.e. DC Drive panel & one Pendent box.

DC Drives has been specially designed, it must be installed in all area, where the following conditions exists:

  • Ambient temperature does not exceed 45 0 C  & it is not less than 10 0C .
  • Ambient air is reasonable clean & dry and must be free of flammable or combustible vapours, steam  or corrosive gases.
  • Attitude should be 1000 meter above sea level maximum.
  • The clearance around the cabinet must be enough to provide full accessibility to the front and back side. Also Provide a non-restricted airflow from the intake and exhaust ventilation lowers.


  • High speed fuses in the incoming lines for protection   of thyristors.
  • di/dt protection
  • dv/dt protection
  • Surge suppressor across each thyristor
  • Electronic single phase protection
  • Electronic instantaneous over current trip
  • Over temperature protection for thyristor
  • Current sensing type field loss relay

Technical Specification

Input supply : 415volts +/-10% , 3 phase, 50 HZ.
Field voltage : 220V DC
Thyristor bridge configuration : Full wave, fully controlled using six Thyristors.
Output voltage : 440V DC infinite variable.
Speed regulation : +/- 1% using tacho generator feedback +/- 3% by using armature feedback.
Direction of rotation : Bi-directional.
Static over-current trip (SOT) : set for 150% peak of rated current.
Min. Voltage : Adjustable from 0 to 35% adjustable.
Max. Voltage : 85 to 110% of rated voltage.
Acceleration/Deceleration time : Independently adjustable from 2.0-30 sec.
Current limit  : Adjustable from 10% to 100% of full load Rated  current.


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